Support Girls Education by Sponsoring Puppet Theatre

Introduction: The inimitable Uncle Sargam is a household word in Pakistan. This puppet show has won national as well as international acclaim and has been shown on Pakistan Television for the past forty-five years. As a result, it appeals to all age groups. The use of this popular puppet show for the dissemination of messages first occurred to UNICEF, Ministry of Women, Ministry of Health and Save the Children. As a result, this mobile puppet theatre is under use for the propagation of health & education messages since 1976. The success of the experiment of using this popular medium to transmit health messages clearly indicates that it can also be effectively used to increase awareness among the people of Pakistan in a campaign based on girl child education. The positive results of such a campaign are assured in view of the popularity of the show.

Why Puppets?

  • Wide public recognition. People believe in the puppet character of Uncle Sargam.
  • Humor, entertainment value means people switch on.
  • Inoffensive, ideal for sensitive themes in sensitive areas.
  • Women can watch freely along with their families.
  • On the spot response & feedback to improve script for the next shows.
  • Effective as local dialect could be inserted in the script in different areas to make audience feel homely.
  • Can be dubbed in every regional language for telecast purposes. 

Purpose: To promote awareness of benefits of girl child education among families. 

Objectives: The objectives of the program would be to ensure deep penetration of positive messages into major population centers and remote areas of Pakistan, such as in KPK, through the medium of the popular puppet theatre. 

Execution: These puppet shows will be set up on location of schools/community centers or venues selected by the sponsor.

Target: All Pakistanis: young, married, un-married, children and older people who often make childbearing decisions. 

Theme and Issues:

  • Benefits of girl child education.
  • Creating interest among children through humor and songs by the puppets.
  • Spreading peace and humanity.
  • Emphasize the need to be truthful and honest in our everyday life.


Funding Progress

We need $2,000 donation for this project.


So far $1,200 of $2,000 donation collected.