Water Independence

KPK is blessed with an abundance of water and rivers but for a mountain village north of Qabal, Swat, getting water is an arduous task down the mountain. Women and children must make the trek daily to get adequate water. The local KHAN has access to water but is prone to use this as carrot and stick to the villagers to maintain his authority. Dozens of family must not spend considerable amount of time on simply accessing water. Children are often told to skip school to get water instead. NexGen members put together a fund to help dig a well close to the villagers. Construction began in 2014 (see photo above). The well continues to provide drinking water to 20-40 families in the village. The family members now have more time to tend to their fields, school and place of employment. The only people unhappy from this arrangement? The Khan and a couple mischeivous boys who rather enjoyed skipping school.

Funding Progress

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