School Sponsorship with Ghazali Trust

Project Rationales: 

School sponsorship program is designed to supports school and to meet running expenses of 

schools. For our organization, it is difficult to increase fees in schools. While on the other hand, 

we are compelled to raise the teacher's salary as well. Income from schools is very low that's 

why GET contributes funds to run these schools.

Our most of schools are running in rented buildings, where basic school facilities like (Lawn for 

Assembly, Computer Labs, Library, Scientific Labs, grounds, and swings) are not available to 

meet quality education standards. Focusing on efforts in improving the academic quality by 

getting rid of financial constraints. With the help of our donors we are providing some facilities 

step by step as donor wish and commitment with noble cause.





Total Cost for this project                                                                          Pak Rs. 200,000 /  US $ 2,000 
Funding Progress

Thanks for your support!


We've reached our goal of $2,000 donation.