IT Scholarship Program

Providing skilled education is the most lasting and effective way to help youth and their families to get on a path to build their future and also the future of Pakistan. Information Technology is the fastest growing field that provides job opportunities to those who have IT education.

This project was initiated to provide skill learning opportunities in the field of Information Technology to the youth of Pakistan that are living in the remote areas.

In the initial phase of the project, three students were picked from personal reference based on their financial eligibility and technical learning aptitude from swabi, a remote city in KPK proviince. Nexgen organization provided the funds for the students to enroll in advance automation microsoft office training course.

The total cost of this project was $900. Each course per student was 9 weeks long. All three students completed the IT training and recevied the cetificate. They are activitly now looking for job oppertunities in the field of IT in Islamabad and we hope that the IT training provided with this program will help longs way in the future of these kids from Swabi.

Funding Progress

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