Open Positions

 Young, energetic and detail oriented. Someone who could present NGPs mission and vision through creative Art
 Produce original eye catching graphics using Adobe Creative Suite and other editing tools
 Knowledgeable and proficient in emerging web design and mobile trends

o Activities
 Create professional design solutions, concepts, and sample layouts with high visual impact.
 Develop original formats, layouts, charts, graphs, icons, and related marketing information from conception to completion.
 Use computer software to generate new images based on NGPs vision.
 Design and create banners, backgrounds and other artwork for:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Printing
  • Marketing

 Design templates for company newsletters and emails.
 Continually rotates design styles in order to create original looks and prevent repetition
 Utilize Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and similar design software to execute design and production responsibilities.
 Formulate concepts and illustrations from models, sketches and imagination.
 Ensure that company messages and materials are accurate and consistent with brand guidelines.
 Respond to quickly changing deadlines and demands.

o Metrics:
 Translate ideas into strong visual images
 Generate continuous flow of designs weekly that meet NGPs quality standards
 Timely delivery of all the projects

 An important and challenging role that can completely transform NGP’s capabilities if successful.

o Activities
 Patiently develop and direct all strategic NGP alliances
 Work on building relationships with USAID, United Nations, US Government, US Embassy in Pakistan, The Pakistani Government etc.
 Work on building local relationships with OPEN, APPNA, DIL etc.
 Complete registration, proposals and manage communication with NGO and governmental organizations on behalf of NGP.
 Build relationships with alliances with the ultimate goal of acquire significant funding from those alliances to benefit Pakistan.
 Be Point of Contact for all strategic alliances.
 “Open doors” for project teams through connections with key alliances.

o Metrics
 Registration with all strategic alliances
 1 endowment of external funding per year

 Well networked, charismatic person who enjoys working with people.
 Be the NGP Social Butterfly!

o Activities
 Market benefits of membership or association with NGP.
 Recruit, acquire high quality associates who are active in NGP events, projects and/or projects.
 Recruit, acquire members to sign up for monthly subscription to NGP (an important source of funding for NGP projects).
 Utilize marketing, networking skills to attract Pakistanis to NGP organization.
 Sponsor meetups, networking events to introduce prospects to NGP.
 Direct membership acquisition activities in support of the overarching marketing strategy set by the VP of Marketing.
 Stay in contact with members and help members with professional, entrepreneurial networking.
 Suggest associates and members to positions within NGP based on merit, efforts and capability.
 Provide direction to other members on best practices and techniques for membership recruitment.

o Metrics
 Acquire 1 Associate per month
 Acquire 5 Members per month

 Internet savvy person

o Activities
 Manage NGP Facebook & Twitter Account
 Increase Likes to Facebook Page
 Acquire Follows to Twitter Account
 Publish Links to NexGenPak ThinkTank articles on Facebook
 Invite other writers to ThinkTank Magazine.
 Comprehensive Social Media Strategy for the NexGenPak Brand.
 Substantial Footprint of NexGenPak in digital space.
 Convert Likes to Donation Page
 Research Social Media Analytics to Marketing teams.
 Promote NGP events

o Metrics
 Once per week, Post An Interesting, Positive Story about Pakistan that is relevant to NexGenPak vision with a couple sentences of Introduction to the Post
 Acquire 50 Likes of Facebook Page Per Month

 This job includes project management, addressing budget matters, understanding general business operations and guiding work teams for projects.
 Go-to person for all ground operations and logistics.
 Possess strong problem-solving skills

o Activities
 Plan, direct and coordinate all organization’s operations in Pakistan
 Help setup initial infrastructure in Pakistan
 Oversee day to day operations both administratively and financially
 Manage and develop project plan to exceed expectations for productivity and accuracy
 Promote and recruit new members locally
 Improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals
 Contribute towards the achievement of NGP’s strategic and operational objectives
 Facilitate coordination and communication between key stakeholders
 Responsible for Social Media and act as PR officer
 Liaison with headquarter in Atlanta, USA

o Metrics:
 Ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of assigned projects
 Provide weekly project status report